artifex datum sapientia

At ARchimeral we are applying data science and the latest available technologies to transform stories into unique, innovative, and exciting new experiences that are vastly more valuable to impassionate audiences everywhere.  

The current digital landscape is fragmented and composed of many fractions, just as a Chimera is made of parts from different animals. We see the future of digital entertainment emerging from the creation of a new type of digital experience, one that merges together multiple platforms with immersive storytelling. 

The first project out of our digital interactive slate is The Age of Turing, which successfully completed its first season during the summer of 2015. We are currently developing an interactive mobile app for it that would provide a flexible self-contained platform for the release of future content, while also seamlessly allowing a re-playable experience to all those new to the universe.

Furthermore, we want to tease that we are developing a uniquely story-driven VR game experience that we are also planning to release in 2017.  Please subscribe below for our latest news notifications and announcements.

A new era is here, join us.