April Arrglington

I am a multidisciplinary expert, with a unique background in film, publishing, new media, and transmedia. Primarily invested in the relationship between intellectual properties, fandom phenomena and technology convergence, I have served as a digital content strategist for renowned companies such as Pharmavite, New Deal Studios, and Detour Agency.

My passion and interest in innovation, interactive design and emerging new technologies led me to co-produced the first Startup Weekend Entertainment & Media Los Angeles in 2013, and serve as senior director of content curation for Transmedia LA in 2012. Looking to further explore immersive storytelling and projects that spread across multiple platforms, I also became the story producer and project manager for Transmedia LA’s first ARG, The Miracle Mile Paradox.

Originally from Panama, and bilingual in Spanish and English, I was a 2007 FIND Project:Involve fellow, and a winner of the Writer’s Arc 2006 screenwriting program with the same IP that got me shortlisted for the 2006 Sundance screenwriter labs.

As an entrepreneur and co-founder of ARchimeral, I’m very excited about interactive storytelling and emerging interfaces, especially in the field of augmented reality and virtual reality simulation systems that are currently reshaping the future of entertainment worldwide. 


Jose Delgado, J.D., M.A.

A firm believer of not reading the endings of books, Delgado has always considered that the telling of a story through conventional narrative was akin to killing it. Storytellers throughout history have been fatefully forced to narrow down a fantasy world from the million fascinating ways that it could expand. Thrillingly to Delgado, the rise of new technologies is allowing the exploration of a new kind of storytelling where story universes, once created, are limited only by the combined audience’s imagination and their ability to breathe new life to great stories.

In addition to his creative pursuits in storytelling, Delgado works on developing models of attention and prediction in artificial intelligence inspired by neuroscience, and researching emotional and social computation in networks, as he pursues his Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing. He also dabbles in web development, computer vision, Law, and interactive game puzzles in his spare time. An augmented reality and virtual reality enthusiast, Delgado is passionate about technologies and interfaces that will allow humans to become not only more productive, but also closer to a better version of ourselves.